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Searching for nothing: placing zero on the temporal continuum

Abstract Generalization allows responses acquired in one situation to be transferred to similar situations. For temporal stimuli, a discontinuity has been found between zero and non-zero durations: responses in trials with no (or 0-s) stimuli and in trials with very short stimuli differ more than what would be expected by generalization. This discontinuity may happen because 0-s durations do not belong to the same continuum as non-zero durations. Alternatively, the discontinuity may be due to generalization decrement effects: a 0-s stimulus differs from a short stimulus not only in duration, but also in its presence, thus leading to greater differences

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Unique spatial behavior of the Japanese serow (Capricornis crispus) in the open mountains of Mt. Fuji

Abstract The Japanese serow (Capricornis crispus) exhibits spatial behavior adapted to forest habitats with relatively stable food supply and climatic conditions, such as sedentary habits, small home ranges, and little seasonal variation in habitat selection. However, investigations have not previously been conducted in open mountainous habitats with high seasonal variability. Therefore, I examined spatial behavior of the Japanese serow in an open mountainous region of Mt. Fuji, central Japan, based on GPS location data. These mountain-dwelling serows had much larger annual home ranges (female: 316.5 ha, male: 373.1 ha) compared with forest-dwelling populations. Spring and summer home range sizes were the largest,

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